A unique membership club for the Achia-Yeda community that offers a variety of enrichment content tailored to the community’s needs

Project Status

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The Challenge

The Achia association established the website ‘Achia Yeda’, the profession in making tools and content studies accessible, out of deep and many years of familiarity with the field. In the community there are thousands of teachers from Israel and the Diaspora who create, contribute and share quality learning materials that occurred during their educational activities, thus creating a circle of mutual cooperation that glorifies teaching. The product has established itself over 5 years of activity as having value and high-quality content for the community. However, the contents were consumed free of charge. The main challenge and need is building a sustainable business model for the ‘Achia-Yeda’ platform while preserving and developing the current community and the value of the product. Currently, the only revenue for the product is advertising space for advertisers. A secondary challenge is the improvement and visibility of the user experience on the website.


The Solution

The solution addresses two major challenges: creating sources of income and improving the user experience.

The proposed solution is the establishment of a unique customer club for the Ahiya-Yeda community which will provide diverse enrichment content according to the needs of the community.

We divide the solution into two layers:

  • Commercial – establishing a customer club for the purpose of creating sources of income
  • User experience – development of features according to the existing challenges in favor of positioning the product as higher quality

The club will be divided into free and vip – when the free customer club will retain the consumers who have been until today, they will be able to use the content library on the site and receive discounts for more advanced activities and content.

The vip club is intended for customers who wish to consume innovative, relevant and more focused content that will include: workshops, diverse content and more – all this at the price of a monthly subscription only. This is how we keep all members of the community close to us and give them the opportunity to choose for themselves.

In addition, we worked to improve processes and features on the site for positioning the product at a higher level, which will lead to attracting new customers in the future with the opening of the customer club. 

With the opening of the customer club, we will give advertisers the possibility of additional advertising, a store will be opened for the community, where the products will be advertised and regular discounts will be given. In addition, the advertisers will be able to take part in the cooperation and transfer of content to the community according to their service and profession.

The Team

Malki Goldaber
Tech Developer
Dian Biton
Product Manager
Hila Shapira
UX/UI Design
Eyal Meerovitch