An application that helps users to optimize the use of home air conditioning to achieve maximum financial savings while reducing the harmful impact on the environment.

Project Status

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The Challenge

Inefficient electrical products cause significant environmental and economic damage. Over 93 percent of Israelis use air conditioners and most of them do so in a way that is not efficient and environmentally friendly. We discovered that in addition to a lack of knowledge in the field, there was a need for a tool that allows the public to enjoy air conditioning in an economical and responsible way.

The Solution

 Enerly is an application that brings together all the existing solutions to improve the use of air conditioners. After a professional diagnosis, the application will provide the best solution for the needs of each household. In this way, every household will be able to save thousands of shekels a year and reduce the damage to the environment.

The Team

Daniel Simhoni
Technological Development
Idan Pittel
Business Development
Noa Segal
UX/UI Design
Erez Bar
Product Manager