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Project Status

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The Challenge

TMURA organization aims to enable every Jew in Israel to realize his Judaism by following secular humanist values and beliefs. They want to hold Shabbat and holiday receptions that convey humanistic values, a combination of tradition and innovation. The challenge is accessing songs/texts/prayers that enhance Jewish-secular-Israeli gatherings and ceremonies. According to them, there is material on the Internet, but no platform that collects, catalogs, and curates the information, and makes it accessible to the Israeli public. The association operates many ceremonies and events and acknowledges a great need for “personalized Shabbat receptions” – that is, the ability to collect the materials/songs one wants and receive a “personalized product” that can be printed or viewed digitally. The organization’s purpose is to create a solution for secular Jews who want to get closer to Judaism without a community framework, and for secular communities’ thirst for content.

The Solution

A website that lets secular-Israeli Jews all over the world collect and create custom content for ceremonies, meetings, and social events on the Jewish calendar. The initial focus will be on creating “Kabbalot Shabbat”, but  TMURA sees it as a strategic value for “tradition with innovation.” The organization aims to define broad and cross-sectoral activities, and the platform aims to cover all Jewish life ceremonies and calendar activities.

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46% of the secular would like to get closer to Judaism if it were more accessible
61% think Judaism needs refreshing
Almost half of the 20-year-olds and older in Israel define themselves as secular

The Team

Aviv ohayon
Technological Development
Tamar Lev
Business Development
Shani Helmer Gilad
UX/UI Design
Gabriel Bilczyk