Automated tool for rapid diagnosis of patients in mental health institutions, using automation in questionnaires to efficiently match patients with treatments

Project Status

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The Challenge

‘Hoof HaGalil’ association is a center for mental health treatment, diagnosis, and counseling for all ages, operating in northern Israel. The association conducts psychological, psychiatric, and didactic assessments and offers individual, couples, family, and group therapy.

A year and a half ago, the ‘Hoof HaGalil’ association recognized the urgent need to reduce the long waiting times for psychologists in Israel, which can extend up to a year and a half. To address this, they began conducting intake through an online questionnaire, aiming to streamline appointments. This initiative led to the collection of large amounts of data, but the organization struggled to fully leverage it. This is where we step in: our goal is to help the association optimally utilize this data, transform it into deep organizational insights, enhance the quality and efficiency of the services provided, and ultimately shorten the waiting times

The Solution

Our ‘Intake’ system is an advanced tool for managing intake processes in public and medical institutions. It features a dashboard for rapid and accurate patient diagnosis and comprehensive organizational data analysis. The system enables automatic sending of personalized messages, supports multiple languages, and ensures the confidentiality of medical information.

The Team

Aviv Birka
Product Manager
Sapir Rabinowitz
UX.UI Design
Zehava Manvitch