A digital support platform helping new dog owners build a healthy and successful bond with their dogs

Project Status

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The Challenge

Approximately 30% of adopted dogs are returned within the first two months of adoption. The reasons for these returns include difficulties in handling the dog’s behavior, lack of knowledge about proper care, and insufficient ongoing support for adopters. This situation creates a cycle of frustration for both the dogs and the adopters, reducing the chances of finding a permanent home for the dogs in shelters.

The Solution

A digital support platform for new dog adopters, providing comprehensive guidance, advice, and information. The app is connected to the database of the “Herzliya and Netanya Love Animals” association, enabling it to deliver personalized and accurate information for each dog and owner. It includes daily care guides, training tips, problem-solving advice, access to experts and community forums for sharing knowledge and experiences, health tracking for the dog, reminders for vaccinations and routine treatments, and emergency support. The goal is to create a positive and successful adoption experience, reduce the return rate, and ensure better and healthier lives for dogs and their new owners.

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Reducing the return rate of adopted dogs by 20% within the first year of adoption
Increasing the successful adoption rate by 30% within two years of the platform launch
Improving the quality of life for dogs and their owners through access to professional support and personalised information
Contributing to reducing the burden on municipal shelters and animal care associations, thereby increasing the chances of finding warm homes for more dogs

The Team

Omer Mualem
Software Developer
Max Milititski
Product Manager
Sari Shapira
UX.UI Design
Nir Adam