A free mobile app designed to help teenagers develop emotional resilience and self-regulation at times of stress

Project Status

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The Challenge

Stress and anxiety are extremely common today, especially among teenagers; this has been called the problem of the 21st century. This age group often lacks the knowledge and ability to cope with situations like these, and the courage or openness to ask for help. Without accessible help, the situation often deteriorates, and problems that could have been solved easily become extreme situations of distress.

The Solution

Soothe is a free mobile app that provides teenagers all over the world with instant relief from stress in five simple stages that can be executed anywhere, anytime and with no special equipment. With just a few minutes of practice, including soothing and paying attention to feelings in the body, users learn how to regulate and relieve tension that has accumulated in their bodies. The method is scientifically proven and is used by combat soldiers in elite army units, doctors in hospitals, children, and teenagers.

The Team

Roi Segev
Technological Development
Nadav Kollender
Business Development
Mai Yurman
UX/UI Design
Natalie Vainer Benaiah
Product Manager