Emergency Project:

Creating surveys for collecting contact details of evacuee children and assisting in the creation of an online kit – engagement activities free of charge






סטטוס הפרויקט

A project developed during the war

You are welcome to view the landing page prepared by Noa Gor-Arieh, a volunteer at Max Impact Israel:

For further information, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

The Challenge

The Tree House serves as a community language center, operated in collaboration with the Be’er Sheva Municipality, offering support to children and adolescents in Israel’s periphery.

During emergencies, the center’s volunteer teams conduct language activities and lessons in Hebrew and English for evacuees residing in hotels and for children in Be’er Sheva who lack access to formal education. However, due to the high volume of volunteer efforts, the organization faces challenges in maintaining organized student records, making it difficult to sustain long-term communication with them.


The Solution

:Creating technological tools on the WIX platform to assist the organization’s activities

Landing page featuring contact information collection forms for evacuated children and those from Be’er Sheva to establish long-term communication

Assistance in creating an online kit – engagement activities free of charge