Multidisciplinary educational staffs

Impact Entrepreneurship Training Program

Impact Israel, a public benefit company, operates the MAX program, a training organization in socio-technological entrepreneurship, for youth and young people. Every year, multidisciplinary teams - technological, business and design - axis work together to develop an applied technological prototype in response to the needs of society, the environment and the community. Each team consists of pupils and students, in collaboration with a representative of an expert social organization in the world. The content and mentor accompanies a professional product manager

Social challenges

Technological solutions for the third sector

, We map significant social challenges of third sector organizations that can be addressed by technological means and that have the potential for broad impact. Together with the organization, we characterize the initial characterization of the social challenge and make it accessible to our multidisciplinary teams for the development of a technological prototype.

Economic model

Economic and legal envelope for regulating intellectual property

In collaboration with the law firm of Proprietary, we have created a unique legal mechanism that anchors the intellectual property and ensures economic sustainability - defining the holdings in the product company for the delivery of the intellectual property as well as monetary consideration from the sale of the project.

Continuity for impact projects

CSR sprouts to product, high-tech companies

We offer high-tech companies to 'adopt' an association and together with it the ventures. As part of the corporate responsibility in the POC organization, developed in the program during the company's stages and its employees will contribute their talent (CSR) as part of the employees' volunteering and time to the continuity of the socio-technological enterprise germinated in the program, to a real product.