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Active & emergency projects - aid to the evacuees of the south and the north and the fighting line




1 Multi-disciplinary Teams

2 Social Challenges

3 Economic & IP Model

4 Continuity for Impact Ventures

MAX Impact Israel, a public benefit company. Develops and operates the cooperation model for social-technological entrepreneurship in Israel.
(The ‘Collaborative Impact Hub’ model’), which operates as a collaborative space for innovation and development of impact-technological initiatives to combat societal, environmental and community challenges.

The collaborative hub enables joint multidisciplinary work on a large scale, in which many groups of Israeli society work together, including the third sector, academia and education, government, local authorities, the high-tech industry, the business sector, philanthropic foundations, entrepreneurs and private individuals. who work together through entrepreneurship, innovation and technology to advance social goals and to create social change in Israel.

Multi-disciplinary Teams

A practical training program for impact entrepreneurship

Each team is comprised of people from different professional fields to provide a holistic initial approach to the social challenge. Each team has trainees focused on tech development, product manager and product design. The trainees are mentored and supported every step of the way by tech-industry professionals and a third-sector partner.

Social Challenges

Tech solutions for the third sector

MAX Impact Israel identifies significant social challenges by working closely with third sector organizations. We are looking for partners who are passionate about social issues that can be addressed using potentially impactful and economically sustainable technological solutions. Each team is partnered with a third-sector organization, and together they develop a social-tech prototype to address the challenge.

A Built-in Economic and Intellectual Property Model

We believe the best way to reap meaningful educational benefits is through meaningful work without limitations. This is why we developed a legal and economic framework that addresses intellectual property issues and allows projects to continue beyond the program. We want to see the teams’ successes developed into real-world projects that drive meaningful social change in Israel and worldwide

Continuity model and implementation of impact projects

From seed to product

MAX Impact Israel operate 3 models for continue developing the impact ventures born in our program: ESG partner Hi-Tech companies, invitations to tender - technological volunteers and private entrepreneurs.


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