A smart system that enables data synchronization and ongoing reporting to treat at-risk girls with eating disorders

Project Status

The Synceat project was purchased by Dolev Homes association and continued development and practical implementation in a volunteer model under the leadership of Shai Refaly, a volunteer from the high-tech industry.

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The Challenge

In Israel there are currently about 25,000 girls at risk who suffer from eating disorders. These girls are placed in boarding schools that allow a monitoring process of the eating disorders, which makes it possible to provide them with appropriate treatment. Today there is difficulty in synchronizing their medical and nutritional data among many staff members, which leads to poor treatment, that leads to deterioration of the eating disorder and even forced hospitalization

The Solution

A system for mobile and pc devices that allows the staff members to report in real time on the condition of the girls when they encounter unusual events related to eating disorders, such as avoiding meals or vomiting. Thus, adapting them to the optimal nutritional treatment plan

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Early identification and real-time notification of the girl's condition deterioration allows early life-saving treatment
Prevent the hospitalization of about 2500 girls at risk every year
The use of the system optimizes the work of 250 boarding school staff and saves about 30 hours per month
Adoption potential of the system in 120 boarding schools throughout Israel
Preventing the girls from being hospitalized translates into savings of about 110 million NIS every year

The Team

Shiran Hagay
Technological Development
Inbar Attias
UX/UI Design
Rotem Rotner
Marketing and Business Development
Rebecca Kemper
Team Mentor