An app replaces pen and paper to facilitate effective daily communication between parents and teachers in special education frameworks
Acquired by Israel Elwyn and available for tech company adoption as part of their Csr

Available for continued development

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The project was acquired by Israel Elwyn
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Yuval talks about developing the project (Hebrew)

Israel Elwyn and Kesher are looking for tech company to adopt the project as part of their CSR.
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The Challenge

Israel Elwyn operates rehabilitative day care centers across Israel for children with disabilities (toddlers between six months and three years of age). The organization’s day care centers are legally obligated to keep a “contact notebook” in which the teacher writes a daily report for the parent or guardian of each child.

The teachers currently maintain this “contact notebook” with regular pen and paper.

  • The notebook can be lost
  • Valuable information can be lost when switching out the notebook
  • It isn’t always accessible
  • It is difficult to report to divorced parents due to having only one contact notebook
  • There is no way to save medical data

The process of reporting with the notebook is cumbersome for both parents and caregivers.

The Solution

A mobile app to help parents and caregivers stay connected, which easily and efficiently delivers all reports and updates.
These include continual updates between caregivers and parents such as the child’s eating, activity, health care treatments and more.
The app will make it easy and accessible for the staff to report, and parents will be kept updated at all times and receive a rapid and comprehensive report. Another important advantage of the app is that the child’s medical records will be saved in the cloud.

Target Market
The families of toddlers with disabilities (from six months to three years of age) and their caregiving staff

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200 direct users at Israel Elwyn
Around 400 parents who are direct users
Time saving for caregivers – instead of writing, they can finish their report at the press of a button
Potential scalability for the entire special education system in Israel and around the world

The Team

Yuval Barzely
Technological Development
Yuval studies physics, cybersecurity and computer science at Kalay High School in Givatayim
Yoni Diller
Business Development
Yoni studies government and sustainability at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)
Maya Joseph
UX/UI Design
Maya is a product designer and graphic designer. She studied design at 6B Studio