The Ironmatch project maps the volunteers and emergency organizations working in the war effort


סטטוס הפרויקט

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The challenge

When the war started, many grassroots initiatives were born, but there was no place to centralize all of them and make it possible to locate the  initiative according to the field of interest, location, etc. The IronMatch website help for the entire population in Israel, which is now in an emergency situation.

The solution

We are happy to be part of the team helping to develop the Iron Match project that serves thousands of people, hundreds of organizations, associations and volunteer opportunities for the public, welfare agencies, councils and more.

On a simple website: you can see the hundreds of initiatives. In addition, you can use an AI-based chatbot that was developed and adapted to the project, which provides an additional interface that will allow users to find what they want. Initiatives can be added freely without registration or cost, we invite you to help the volunteer system and spread the site