An application that enables live synchronization of the location of family members along with real-time alerts about distress, by pressing the distress button.

Project Status

The application exists for people with disabilities and their family members. Today, adjustments are being made for use by the general public in times of war and emergency.

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The Challenge

In times of distress, most of us find it difficult to report to family members and close friends. WhatsApp messages and calls are required to call for help and to call family and friends.


The Solution

An application for location and emergency services that enables full synchronization between family members and fast communication between all the people connected to you, includes an easy and quick emergency button to use that identifies your location.

The app includes:

  • Automatic chat group – when you press the emergency button, an automatic message will be sent to everyone linked to the destination, a chat box will open that will allow communication between everyone and a quick response.
  • Collecting and analyzing information about distress cases answered in the application in order to prevent future distress cases and improve the service.