A dedicated employment app for jobseekers with disabilities seeking to connect with potential employers.
Acquired by AKIM Israel
The pilot was launched in April 2022

Available for continued development

Acquired by AKIM Israel, CyberArk assisted with continued development, available now for tech company adoption as part of their CSR.

Jobli received the “Audience Award” at Hackautism 3.0 (January 2022) and was accepted into an accelerator program

The initial MVP released at the end of May 2022

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For more details, visit the Jobli website or contact us at [email protected] or 054-5800899

The Challenge

There are around 800,000 working-age people with disabilities in Israel, around 400,000 of whom are unemployed. In addition to unemployment, these populations struggle with significant functional decline, loneliness and dependence on their social circles, both close and removed. The number of employed people with disabilities is 30% lower than among the general population, a figure that has remained unchanged for the last 20 years. 57% of people with disabilities do not believe they will be able to improve their financial situation, and just 33% believe they will be able to find a job if necessary. For every non-disabled person who is unemployed, there are 2.5 unemployed people with disabilities.

Efforts that currently exist to help this population to find employment are not specialized, have only partial or limited accessibility, and require candidates with disabilities to have close accompaniment and assistance in the job search process.



The Solution

Jobli is a dedicated employment app aimed at helping job seekers with disabilities connect with potential employers in order to bridge accessibility gaps, create fair employment opportunities, promote social equality and provide meaning, motivation and self-worth for workers with disabilities and employers alike.
When developed properly, Jobli will become the employment default for people with disabilities and a major tool for working to reduce social disparities.

With the press of a button, Jobli calculates the compatibility of each candidate’s capabilities and connects them to relevant jobs  – factoring in location, means of transportation, work environment, and physical, cognitive and sensory abilities. The app then suggests jobs that suit the candidates’ capabilities and diversify their employment possibilities. The employer, on the other hand, is shown only candidates who meet the job requirements, improve the employer’s branding and create an inclusive work environment – quickly and easily.

Studies show that successfully integrating special populations pays off for employers, who are rewarded with grants and benefits and gain diligent and loyal employees.

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Potential impact for 400,000 people with disabilities in the immediate sphere (Israel)
Five billion NIS: potential annual economic growth resulting from employing people with disabilities
Promoting social equality and reducing employment disparities
Improving the independence and financial situation of people with disabilities. 57% of people with disabilities do not believe they will be able to improve their financial situation
Increased sense of capability and independence – currently just 33% of people with disabilities believe they will be able to find work
Workforce diversity and creating a positive organizational environment
High-quality recruitment and placement from a wide pool of candidates
Potential impact for 8% of businesses in Israel

The Team

Nadav Mark
Project Manager
Emotional Therapist (M.A.), Digital Literacy for people with Disabilities
Ravit Cohen-Segev, PhD
Data Science
Machine Learning and Data Scientist
Nadav Avisror
Senior Frontend Developer, React and React Native
Oshrat Gurman
Director of employment programs
Akim Israel
Peter Botrus
Technological Development
A twelfth-grade student who applied his matriculation studies to real-world social impact.
Sheraz Darawsh
Business Development
Third-year industrial engineering and management student majoring in information systems at the Braude Academic College of Engineering.
Yuval Zonsztern
UX/UI Design
Product designer with a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from the NB Haifa School of Design.