A digital space that provides supportive solution to enable users to develop basic and complex digital capabilities

Project Status

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The Challenge

The Association for Public Health’s employment branch for people with mental disabilities helps with the process of rehabilitation and learning. Before and especially during the coronavirus pandemic, the Association identified a problem with digital knowledge gaps among many of those being rehabilitated.

The Solution

Kalil.net is a personalized Q&A interface, the only place on the internet that answers questions important to each different user.

  • Answering personal questions
  • Selective learning
  • Anonymity
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Around 50 daily active users predicted at the launch of the platform
Around 10,000 active daily users predicted within a year of the launch
700,000 potential users

The Team

Raphael Barak
Technological Development
Elad Mazon
Entrepreneur & Business Development
karen Cher
UX/UI Design
Yair Fuchs
Product Manager