Quickly and easily issuing accessibility badges to businesses.

Starting today, people with disabilities in Israel won’t need to think twice before leaving the house

Project Status

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The Challenge

Despite legislation and growing awareness about accessibility of all kinds, many websites don’t offer effective information about what type of accessibility they provide – for example, stairs or an elevator? Many restaurants state that they are “accessible” but offer no further details. In 2022, people with disabilities in Israel can still find themselves going all the way to a restaurant only to discover that it is not accessible to them.

The Solution

An app that produces digital and physical accessibility badges for businesses to display.

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Potential direct impact on over 20,000 businesses
Potential indirect impact on over a million potential customers

The Team

Yarden Ben Shabat
Technological Development
Gal Zakin
UX/UI Design
Alon Elbahari
Business Development
Hagai Jacobson
Product Manager