A platform that replaces pen and paper allows people with disabilities in Israel Elwyn’s day programs to choose the components of their daily meal.
The prototype was acquired by Israel Elwyn and is currently being piloted in one of the organization’s frameworks

Project Status

Program 4#

The project was acquired by Israel Elwyn. The alpha version is ready for use

The Challenge

There are currently over 35,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. People in Israel Elwyn’s adult day programs are not currently able to choose their meals independently, and communication between service receivers and kitchen staff is lacking. Service receivers cannot exercise their freedom of choice and are not full partners in the process of choosing their meal. At present, the team of social workers mediate this process using forms. This is a waste of valuable time and resources and ultimately leads to service receivers not getting the food they want.
Additionally, work in the kitchens requires streamlining, which isn’t possible under the current system. The process of choosing the ingredients for the meals is sub-optimal for several reasons:
First, the social workers invest a lot of valuable time and energy in it.
Second, the fact that registration is conducted on paper complicates the process, makes documentation difficult and is bad for the environment.
It also results in the kitchen staff spending more time on organization than on the food itself.

The Solution

An accessible app for people with disabilities, available for use on computers and tablets.
The app lets users independently choose the ingredients of their meals in just three steps, thus becoming partners in the preparation of their daily meal.
The app will guide users step by step, allowing them to focus on the stage in question and reducing the margin for error.
Additionally, help is available at each stage and the interface encourages action, reducing activities for the user and helping them focus on completing the process.

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Around 900 direct users in Israel Elwyn’s adult day programs
35,000 indirect users in Israel who can become independent partners in choosing the ingredients of the meals served to them.
Direct impact on the kitchen staff and social workers in all Israel Elwyn’s adult day programs, including streamlining work processes and shortening times.
The solution is scalable to anywhere that adult day programs exist in Israel and abroad

The Team

Daniel Danieli
Technological Development
Or Akiva Student at Atidim High School
Merav Azizov
Business Development
Student in the Sustainability & Government BA program at Reichman University
Matias Goloboff
UX/UI Design
Matias is in his last year of studying psychology and human computer interaction at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Specification and designing the user experience