A survey-based platform for measuring gender equality in the labor market
Acquired by Avoda Shava and adopted by AppsFlyer for continued development.
Currently operating in a user pilot


Project Status

The project was acquired by Avoda Shava and adopted by AppsFlyer for continued development as part of MAX CSR program.

Currently operating in a user pilot.

The Challenge

Today there is increased awareness about the importance of diversity and gender equality in the workplace. Various consultancies work to guide organizations in their pursuit of this goal, but they need a tool to streamline and focus their work. These consultancies currently require a large workforce and their work processes are manual and time-consuming, especially those related to analyzing and utilizing data.

The Solution

A SaaS system that helps organizational consultants understand an organization’s level of gender equality, indicate problem areas and offer focused solutions.
The system analyzes data from surveys filled out by the organization’s employees and uses it to produce a score based on flexibility and balance in three areas: promotions, work and family.
It also ranks the organization’s level of equality compared with other organizations in the same industry.

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Automating Avoda Shava’s work processes to increase its efficiency and deepen the insights of the organizational consulting it provides
Reducing the gender inequality that currently exists in the Israeli labor market

The Team

Sivan Marko
Technological Development
Sivan is a high school student studying computer science with a specialization in AI and ML
Shiri Doitsch
Business Development
Shiri is an entrepreneur, business developer and a graduate student in business administration. She works at Unistream, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship among youth in Israel’s periphery
Shir Nidam
UX/UI Design
Shir is a product designer with a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from Shenkar College, where she majored in UX/UI. She has previously worked with numerous startups at Inkod and currently works at Duda.