Eranity is non-profit organization ERAN’s new virtual community
The project was acquired by Eran

Project Status

The project was acquired by Eran



The Challenge

Eran is a non-profit organization that provides anonymous online and telephone emotional support services to people in need of someone to talk to.

Some organizational data  from 2021:

  • 305,750 distress calls
  • 18,000 WhatsApp inquiries
  • 9,172 calls relating to suicidal tendencies

The number of calls Eran receives via all means of communication (including digital) has increased dramatically over the last few years, as has the percentage of callers who give up when they do not receive assistance quickly enough.

The Solution

Eranity is a safe virtual space for ERAN’s community of applicants where they can express their feelings, write what’s on their mind and receive targeted and professional personal assistance 24/7.

Eranity will lower the rate of callers giving up and help more people receive assistance. Members of the virtual community can respond to one another, receive customized recommendations about their feelings, and record the highs and lows they experience on a daily basis with convenient and easy-to-use graphs.

The Team

Ronnie Gertman
Technological Development
Adi Broda
UX/UI Design
Shahar Genut Kula
Specification and Business Development
Moshe Etlis
Product Manager