A web app for rapid digital assessment that facilitates data segmentation and high-quality feedback

Project Status

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The Challenge

AMI-Neshima is an organization that runs a program with 30-50 artists from music, theater, dance and film.
These artists run experiential activities for young people across the country.
The nature of these sessions differs according to the specific needs of the group and ranges from one-time sessions to workshops and multi-session seminars for groups of 10-30 young people.
The organization does not currently have any tools to evaluate the quality of these sessions and their impact on the ground.

  • Did the students enjoy it?
  • Did the session’s create impact and change?
  • Did the artists succeed in creating a meaningful impact?
  • Which artists did students feel a greater and lesser connection with?

The Solution

A web app for rapid feedback that facilitates efficient, high-quality data segmentation about the quality of the session and the artist.
The app consists of two stages:

  • The first involves collecting feedback using a questionnaire that can be scanned with a QR code
  • The second involves collecting data for the dashboard


The Team

Yoav Ben Sinai
Technological Development
Nicole Shakarov
UX/UI Design
Shelly Banay
Business Development
Maayan Rosenthal
Product Manager