A social community for mothers in the physical and virtual space

Project Status

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The Challenge

The social challenge is the transparency of the time after birth

There is currently no regulated community authority that handles the accessibility of information from this period
most mothers after giving birth feel that they are alone and need a ‘friend’ – half of the respondents in the survey we conducted testified that  after birth they lacked knowledge in raising the baby.

 community platforms Such as groups on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram of mothers in the same status, advice from friends, participation  in workshops, classes and trainings

In this way, over time, a variety of solutions were created that are not accessible in an orderly and convenient manner for the mother, and even the community did not fully take on its meaning in the physical spaces.


The Solution

community of mothers for a variety of activities
Collection and accessibility on a map – a virtual-community space that provides all the information about the various services and facilities for mothers
virtual and physical meetings of mothers, workshops and courses of professionals that the association will approve and will undergo a careful screening before entering the community

The Team

Ziv Avitan
Technological Development
Maya Mitrani
UX/UI Design
Jonathan Amar
Business Development
Ofir Adler
Product Manager