An app to reduce domestic food waste in Israel

Project Status

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The Challenge

Israel is currently the second-highest generator of food waste among OECD member countries. This is the result of 2.5 million tons of food that get thrown away in the country every day, equivalent to a third of local production.

Around 50% of this waste is considered edible!

The root of the problem lies in a lack of awareness and interest and poor consumption habits.

The Solution

The NoWaste app is aimed at encouraging smart consumption habits and increasing awareness about the quantity of food that gets thrown away on a daily basis. This is a simple and reliable solution that helps users track how much food they consume or throw away by correctly managing their shopping list.
The app also lets users consult “live” with chefs to prepare delicious meals using products they have on hand.

The Team

Arnon Bazarsky
Technological Development
Estee Abramov
UX/UI Design
Noam Hermon
UX/UI Design
Ofek Trop
Specification and Business Development
Erez Arye
Product Manager