A digital system for managing educational frameworks

Project Status

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The Challenge

  • Staff and parents communicate via WhatsApp – there is no centralized tracking and documentation
  • Lack of collaboration among staff members regarding syllabi and lesson plans
  • Information security – sensitive data about children
  • All the information is saved manually, making it inaccessible and cumbersome to deliver

The Solution

    • A customized system adapted to the needs, knowledge, and character of the organization’s professional staff.
    • All the organization’s information, from regulations and reports to lesson plans
    • The information will be accessible, convenient, and securely saved.
    • Efficient and convenient transfer of information regarding children and weekly work plans between staff members
    • Managing staff members’ shared schedule
    • Convenient and accessible student files

    The system will initially serve staff in dorms, and when fully implemented it will serve kindergartens and school frameworks.
    By correctly managing and promoting access to information, the system will allow organizations to promote effective learning and development regarding students and work plans.

The Team

Adiel Shulman
Technological Development
Dvir Muki
Business Development
Chen Perry
UX/UI Design
Ari Seror
Product Manager