Establishing a platform for special education teachers to share educational content such as lesson plans, worksheets, files, and videos intended specifically for special education.
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Project Status

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The Challenge

One of the main challenges faced by special education teachers in Israel is a lack of access to dedicated special education lesson plans. Special education teachers are forced to waste valuable teaching time creating dedicated lesson plans or adapting standard lesson plans and must rely only on their instincts to assess the quality of the lesson plans they use in their classes.

The Solution

A collaborative platform that gives teachers access to excellent lesson plans adapted for special education.

Any teacher can easily connect to the platform and share lesson plans, use existing ones shared by other teachers and search for those that suit their needs with a Google-like search engine that offers an intuitive user experience.

The platform will allow any teacher to share lesson plans, add and update content for existing plans, and create personalized plans made up of others they liked.

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Estimated monthly savings on development costs for the organization: 120k NIS
An estimated 400 direct users in the first six months, saving at least 20 hours of lesson plan preparation per month
Potential impact on 7,700 teachers in 385 special education schools and 4,828 special education classrooms in regular schools
Potential indirect impact on 260,000 special education students in Israel

The Team

Yuval Hadar
Technological Development
Roei Bason
Business Development
Noam Shaul
UX/UI Design
David Openheim Shemesh
UX/UI Design