System connecting people in the community for mutual giving

Collaboration between the welfare and social services department and the Beit Shemesh community centers network


Project Status

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The Challenge

People want to give.
They want to feel part of the community and include volunteering or donating in their daily routine, but often refrain from doing so for a number of main reasons: a busy routine, a mismatch between the options available to them and their skills and abilities and difficulties in finding a place close to their home.

Community leaders want to connect the people.
In order to develop community resilience, it is necessary to create meaningful connections between people and create opportunities for connections between people according to their needs and abilities.

Producing these connections without a digital system is very complex and requires resources, especially time and money


The Solution

A system connecting people in the community according to common interests for giving and mutual help, based on location, need and common interests.

Anyone interested in giving or receiving can log in and after a short and simple registration process the system will offer them connections with other people in the community, based on location and interests relevant to the user.

 In order to create a sense of security, the system will be operated by local community coordinators who will approve the users.

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Community resilience - a sense of community create a good feeling, encourages generosity and developing local businesses
Developing local and national communities - each community manager will be able to develop his community adapting it unique human capital

The Team

Ortal Samuel
Technological Development
Malki Ben Shushan
UX/UI Design
Yulia Tzemach
Marketing and Business Development
Erez Fogel
Product Manager